North Carolina Cars for Under $1000

We are proud to announce a great website stimulus package that gives you a chance to get a car, truck or van for a grand or less. All you need to do is pay us a visit and shop to find the vehicle of your choice then place a bid. All vehicles are sold for a grand or less. So please do not bid over the $1,000. Set back and watch the bidding. You are welcome to change your bid. If you do not win this bid please keep shopping until you find a vehicle of choice and bid again. You may bid as often as you like until you get the vehicle (s) of your choice. This is great chance for a contractor who likes a good work van or truck. We offer many cars, trucks, and vans by major manufactures.

The vehicles that are up for bids are vehicles that are Fords, Chevrolets, Honda’s, Toyota’s, Kia’s, Dodge’s and many other well known brands. They are small to mid-size to larger sized made to fit your needs if you select the right one. They are older models to newer models and for those who are collectors occasionally we do come across a few of the classics. Feel free to visit us on a daily basis as we often add new cars, trucks and vans. They are all priced right as no vehicle sold for over $1,000.

Follow this link all residents of North Carolina. We are looking for some residents who live in the following areas:

  • Raleigh
  • Dunn
  • Fayetteville
  • Sunset Beach
  • Aberdeen
  • All Surround Areas
  • All Residents in North Carolina

We hope that all of you will take advantage of this stimulus idea to help you get a good vehicle without the hassle of a dealership or sales person and for less than a grand. We are sure that you will find many vehicles that you are able to use and can afford.

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